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Version 7.3.5 of RentControl is now available for free to anyone with active maintenance. There have been a number of cosmetic enhancements meant to make the program easier to navigate, along with full support for credit card processing using an EMV device (for our X-Charge clients).

The latest available RentControl Plus release is 6.6.2. It mostly consists of minor bug fixes.

If you've let your maintenance lapse, consider renewing in order to take advantage of the new V7x RentControl and its features. If you're still running a V5 system, you may want to consider upgrading. In both cases, please call us (609-924-7114) to discuss the possibility of moving to the newest version of the system.

For those with custom-pricing modules

PLEASE NOTE: Version 6.4.7 of RentControl and later supports 25-day billing cycles in addition to the 28- and 30-day cycles. If Princeton Cybernetics built you a custom-pricing module, it is critically important that you contact us BEFORE installing the latest version of RentControl so that we can update your custom-pricing module to work correctly with the new 25-day billing cycle. (Whether you intend to use the 25-day cycle or not, your custom-pricing module MAY NEED TO BE UPDATED.)

There's More

  • Take a Guided Tour of RentControl.
  • Call 1-609-924-7114 and a friendly personal-touch technician in our Princeton, NJ office will walk you step-by-step through your special edition and answer any questions you have. It can't get any easier than that!

  • If you prefer, download a free online demo of RentControl that's worth a thousand words.
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  • Affordable pricing and a Free 30-Day Trial!
  • RentControl is priced to give you personalized software at mass-market prices. It's easy to try RentControl before you buy with our free 30-day trial.

  • Free Buyer's Checklist
  • And whatever else you do, be sure to get a free Buyer's Checklist before choosing any rental software.

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Why Choose RentControl?

  • RentControl is feature rich, very easy to use, with responsive support and, maybe best of all, very affordable. Unlike many other software companies, you are buying not leasing RentControl, so you won't have any monthly payments. Even enrolling in extended support is optional.
  • Don't forget to check out the features we offer in your own industry!