Your RentControl Inventory on Your Website—Automatically

People more and more use the web to look for things, compare prices and even order. By one estimate, 60-70% of new business will come from your company's website. This statistic makes it more critical than ever to have a compelling, up-to-date presence on the web.

For a rental operation, an effective website will list your current inventory and optionally prices. Letting people make a reservation through your website could bring in even more business.

Maintain Your Website Yourself

RentControl's web-based facilities actually give you a CMS (Content Management System) with a built-in ability to have the website automatically reflect your inventory and prices. RentControl incorporates an inventory upload facility that makes it possible to automatically upload your inventory, along with pricing and pictures, to your website. Any time your inventory or pricing changes, you simply re-upload and, instantly, your website is current.

Because the website is a CMS, you can maintain the website without having to know HTML or any other web-based technologies. All changes to the text portions of the website are made over the web using a document-editing system that looks like a typical word processing application.

Check out our sample websites to see how your business could benefit from having an up-to-date reflection of all your current offerings.

Take a look at a sample website
for a general rental store!
equipment general rental software demo
This link will show you a sample website
for linen rental!
equipment linen rental software demo