Phones, two-way radios and other communications equipment edition of RentControl rental software:

RentControl rental software has the additional features needed for a specialized rental operation like phones, two-way radios and other communications equipment. This way, you get rental software that directly addresses concerns in your industry:

phones, two-way radio and communication equipment rental software

rental equipment softwareComplete support for kits (multiple items priced and represented as a single line item as well as multiple items bundled together and never rented separately);

rental equipment softwareAbility to exchange defective items mid-rental;

rental equipment softwareSplit a rental into two to accommodate partial returns of some items while the rest remain on rental; rental equipment softwareComplete support for outsourcing when inventory falls short;

rental equipment softwareAutomatically add damage waiver and insurance charges to an order;

rental equipment softwareFull support for lost, sold or destroyed processing, including automatic invoicing and inventory adjustment;

rental equipment softwareAutomatic monthly statements for commercial accounts;

rental equipment softwareRecord all maintenance and repair activity and associated costs for each inventory asset, including onsite maintenance and repair costs;

rental equipment softwareFull support for open-ended and multi-month rentals with automatic monthly billing and credit card authorization;

rental equipment softwareSupport for both serialized and non-serialized assets;

rental equipment softwareOptional automatic same-price replacements or upgrades when inventory falls short of a request;

rental equipment softwareOptional high-speed check-in and check-out for bulk items;

rental equipment softwareSupport for barcodes and RFID tagging and scanning, to speed up and improve the accuracy of check-out and check-in.

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free equipment rental software


Core Features
  • Rental length from 1 hour to open ended.
  • Flexibility in describing inventory;
  • Inventory managed by item type to optimize use while preventing conflicts.
  • Multiple inventories (warehouses) with bulk transfer facilities
  • Multiple sales branches.
  • Thirteen different price-calculation schemes each with variations for weekend pricing, more than other rental software packages. Custom pricing schemes are also possible.
  • Supports three tax rates, based on state/province, city, county and ZIP/postal code.
  • Automatically apply standard client or company discounts.
  • Integrated credit card authorization.
  • Over 250 standard reports and documents.
  • Customize documents with logo, signature lines, etc.
  • Include order-specific, equipment-specific or client-specific annotations on customer documents.
  • Complete client database with profiles, rental history and extensive CRM data.
  • Inventoried and non-inventoried sale items.
  • Automatic statements and invoices.
  • QuickBooks interface.
  • Optionally charge interest on unpaid accounts.
  • Can operate as an asset-management system (no charges for any rentals).
  • Extensive security and auditing trails, unusual in rental software.