Special Facilities in 20 Different Areas

Any good rental software will keep track of your inventory, your reservations and orders, and your clients. But some industries have special needs. Do you charge for meter or mileage hours? Does equipment require maintenance at specified intervals? Do you need to account for time spent at the laundry or out for maintenance? Do some parts always go together and would be easier rented as kits? Do you frequently add consumables to an order or charge for filling up a machine with gas?

Needs like the above are the reason for RentControl's editions.

AV, Sound, lighting
Prop & staging
Formal wear/costumes
Car/truck parts & equipment
Recreation & boating
Computers, electronics
Party, linen
Small tools/hardware
Phones & radios
Portable storage
Heating & cooling
General rental
Heavy equipment
Construction equipment
Shoring & barricades
Traffic control
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