RentControl's price is based on the number of simultaneous users, and is sold as a permanent license, meaning that there is no requirement to pay a lease fee each year. Free support is included with your purchase price for the first year and includes help by phone or email as well as new versions of RentControl.

After the first year, We offer an annual support option at a modest price. For example, the yearly support cost for a single-user RentControl is less than $50/month.

RentControl Plus adds an accounts receivable adjunct. Options for credit card processing, a QuickBooks interface and barcode scanner support are nominally priced. Other options include a website interface and full purchasing module.


RentControl (single user license)$995.00
RentControl (3-user license)$1695.00
RentControl Plus (single user license)$1395.00
RentControl Plus (3-user license)$2495.00
Optional Add-ons
Integrated credit card processing (includes USB mag strip reader)$150.00
QuickBooks Interface (requires Plus option)$250.00
Barcode support$200.00
Purchasing Module$500.00
Intenet inventory display & order facility~ $900.00
Additional user license$200.00

We would be pleased to email you a more exact price quote for the configuration you would need if you fill out the form that follows. A quote will be calculated and emailed to you immediately.

Type of system: Standalone system (one computer)
Network, multiuser
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We don't charge for rentals (lending system only)

Options: Quickbooks interface
Barcode support
Integrated credit card processing
Purchasing module
Website interface for inventory display and ordering

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If you need barcode scanners, custom documents or a custom pricing scheme, we would be glad to discuss your requirements and give you a price.

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System Requirements

RentControl runs under any modern version of Windows (including 10) on a standalone PC or on a peer-to-peer or dedicated-server network and requires no other software. RentControl requires about 100 MB of disk space without the accounting package; 150 MB of disk space with it.