Purchase Order Facility

RentControl optionally includes a full purchase order facility to allow you to create and track purchase orders for new assets.

purchase order facility for rental software

rental equipment softwareExtensive details are kept with each purchase order, including payment terms, shipping terms, shipping method, cost center, type of PO (standard or standing/blanket), approval, etc.

rental equipment softwareA PO remains open until you receive all ordered items (with facilities for reflecting backorders and cancellations) or cancel the PO. At any time, you can examine the contents of any open POs or print reports detailing prior closed ones.

rental equipment softwareReceived items can be automatically put into inventory for you.

rental equipment softwareAdditional PO reports include lists of expected items, vendor performance statistics, a cash forecast (which compares your purchasing expenditures from the prior year) and a balance sheet that reflects all purchasing and receivables.

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