The RentControl Plus Interface to QuickBooks®

With the QuickBooks Interface, you can continue to use QuickBooks for your overall accounting, but use the interface to transfer new clients, invoices and payments entered in connection with your rental operation. Details of rental activity are still available through RentControl.

After a rental produces an invoice in RentControl Plus, the Interface creates a corresponding invoice in QuickBooks. This invoice will have one line item for all rental items, one line item for all sale items, and optionally line items for insurance, damage waivers, delivery charges, labor charges and up to three taxes.

rental equipment software quickbooksRentControl is capable of handling multiple taxes and complicated tax schemes. Because QuickBooks does not have the same flexibility, the Interface transfers the already-computed tax amounts to ensure that they are correctly reflected in QuickBooks.

rental equipment software quickbooksThe QuickBooks invoice generated by the Interface always references the RentControl Plus invoice number so you can return to Plus to review the equipment and rental dates to which an invoice refers. You also have the option of using the same invoice number for the QuickBooks invoice. If a PO Number is associated with a rental, the number will also be transferred to the generated QuickBooks invoice.

rental equipment software quickbooksPayments in the form of cash, check and credit card can be reflected in QuickBooks at your option (and the memo field for the payment will note that it came from Plus). Or, you can continue to use QuickBooks to record and allocate payments.

rental equipment software quickbooksThe names and addresses of new clients are automatically added to QuickBooks when an invoice is produced for a new client. The Interface always gives you the opportunity to examine your QuickBooks list of clients so that you decide whether the client is really new or not.

rental equipment software quickbooksYou retain control over the kind of access to QuickBooks that RentControl has. You can decide whether QuickBooks must be already launched, whether you wish to be asked to explicitly grant permission for each new access from RentControl, and which company file is accessible. Moreover, RentControl Plus DOES NOT require access to personal data like Social Security or credit card numbers. RentControl can access QuickBooks either in an interactive mode (QuickBooks is already launched) or an unattended mode (QuickBooks is not launched), to permit you to maintain whatever security you need.

rental equipment software quickbooksWith the Interface, you can reflect some invoices but not others, some payments but not others, all invoices but no payments, etc. You retain full control over when activity is reflected and precisely which activity to reflect.

The Plus-to-QuickBooks interface supports the Professional, Premiere and Enterprise desktop editions of QuickBooks 2007 or later. It does NOT support the Canadian or SimpleStart editions.

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