Tracking and Billing for Outside Repairs

If you repair equipment for others, RentControl lets you create repair quotes or tickets, track progress, and bill the client.

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rental equipment software quickbooksCreate both quotes and repair tickets. If you start with a quote, easily change it to an authorized repair ticket when the client consents to your proposal.

If the client is a current customer, pick him from your list of clients or add him to your list. Similarly, you assign the repair technician from your list of authorized RentControl users. RentControl will apply your default tax rates to all items, but you can easily change the rates you charge if needed.

Specify the number of hours spent on various tasks. Even include replacement parts from your own sales inventory.

Produce an invoice when the repair is completed.

RentControl will keep track of all quotes and repair tickets, noting expected end dates and giving you the ability to make detailed notes about progress.

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