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You know your rental business inside and out. And we understand you have specific requirements for equipment and party rental software.

RentControl helps you win new customers and repeat business because instead of busywork, it lets you focus on more important things. RentControl rental software makes it easy to generate quotes, book reservations, make rentals and keep track of inventory and clients.

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Special edition rental software gives you the features you need for your particular rental industry.

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Special Facilities in 20 Different Areas

Sure, the general procedure may be similiar, but different rental industries need different rental software facilities. If you rent linens, you'll want to account for time spent laundering. If you rent tents, you'll need kits. In many industries, you'll offer consumables along with a rental. RentControl rental management software offers rental-specific features for the following areas:

AV, Sound, lighting
Prop & staging
Formal wear/costumes
Car/truck parts & equipment
Recreation & boating
Computers, electronics
Party, linen
Small tools/hardware
Phones & radios
Portable storage
Heating & cooling
General rental
Heavy equipment
Construction equipment
Shoring & barricades
Traffic control
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Increase Business by Putting Your Inventory on the Web

One of the surest ways to make your business known is with a website. But if you rent, it's even more important to display your inventory and prices, and offer a way for potential clients to ask for quotes or place orders. RentControl rental software has a built-in export that uploads your inventory and prices to your website with a single click. And downloads requests for quotes or orders with the same ease.

Nothing is more time consuming than updating a huge inventory being displayed on a website. With RentControl, you will have your latest assets and latest prices without having to do any work to the website.

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Full AR Processing with a QuickBooks Export

RentControl rental management software supports both fixed-end as well as open-ended rentals. The Plus adjunct adds full Accounts Receivable processing, to produce invoices for short-term rentals as well as to automatically produce monthly invoices for rentals that go longer. RentControl Plus also generates statements, keeps a chart of accounts for your clients, offers a variety of financial and management reports, and permits you to record payments as well as debits and credits. And all this information can be sent to QuickBooks.

Continue to use QuickBooks for your overall accounting, but use RentControl Plus to transfer invoices, payments, debits and credits to QuickBooks, along with the names and addresses of new clients. You save time and reduce the chance of error when you no longer have to double-enter payment and client data.

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Buy, Rent, Repair, Maintain

RentControl rental management software also includes a full Purchase Order module to let you create PO orders, track them, and even automatically add the ordered items to your inventory when you receive them.

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If you repair equipment for outside clients, RentControl includes a repair-tracking facility that lets you create work orders, track them and then invoice the client.

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For your own equipment, RentControl includes a scheduled maintenance feature. You identify the criteria for an asset's maintenance (number of rentals, number of days on rent, etc.) and RentControl will alert you when maintenance is due.

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