Terms and Conditions of Sale

Since we will happily install a demonstration system of the RentControl rental software at your site so you can evaluate it before purchase, refunds will not be given for RentControl purchases, unless arrangements have been made beforehand with Princeton Cybernetics. Since the accounting package is not part of the download, it is excepted: The additional cost of the RentControl accounting package will be refunded to you if for any reason you are dissatisfied with it and if you return the Plus CD within 30 days of receipt of the system.

If you are ordering for a school, religious or charitable organization, you may be eligible for our special non-profit discount program. Call or email us for more information.

Written help takes the form of online help, a printed manual, and the same manual supplied on the CD-ROM in PDF format, which you can print or view on line. Furthermore, there are no copyright limitations to prevent you from printing or copying any of the documentation.