See RentControl rental software in action.

You have several options for seeing how RentControl rental software works:

Arrange an over-the-web demo.
If you have access to a PC and a broadband connection (DSL, cable, etc.), we can establish an internet connection and actually demonstrate how RentControl works, answering your questions about our rental software at the same time.
Arrange a live demo free equipment rental software


Take an on-line tour.
Using a series of screen shots, you will be walked through the process of reserving, renting, and returning equipment. The on-line demo allows you to proceed at your own pace, and gives you a good overview of how RentControl's rental software is used.
See an online demo online equipment rental software


Download a free demo of RentControl:
Our rental software is available for a free 30-day trial by download. The download is provided as a self-extracting ZIP. You should make sure you have adequate permission to unzip (there are .EXEs within the ZIP) and that firewalls do not impede the unzip. If you encounter any problems, we would be happy to send you a CD with the demo install (next paragraph). But if you'd like to try the download, please click the next link. The rental software demo system is seeded with some data, and you will be able to add more of your own. (We do suggest that you have a broadband connection like DSL or cable, since the download is large.)
Download a demo equipment rental software


Request a free demo CD:
We would be glad to mail you a copy of our RentControl rental software, yours to install and examine for 30 days. The demo CD is seeded with some data, and you will be able to add more of your own.
Request a demo CD quic books rental software

There's More

  • Take a Guided Tour of RentControl.
  • Call 1-609-924-7114 and a friendly personal-touch technician in our Princeton, NJ office will walk you step-by-step through your special edition and answer any questions you have. It can't get any easier than that!

  • If you prefer, download a free online demo of RentControl that's worth a thousand words.
  • free trial

  • Affordable pricing and a Free 30-Day Trial!
  • RentControl is priced to give you personalized software at mass-market prices. It's easy to try RentControl before you buy with our free 30-day trial.

  • Free Buyer's Checklist
  • And whatever else you do, be sure to get a free Buyer's Checklist before choosing any rental software.

    free buyer's checklist

Why Choose RentControl?

  • RentControl is feature rich, very easy to use, with responsive support and, maybe best of all, very affordable. Unlike many other software companies, you are buying not leasing RentControl, so you won't have any monthly payments. Even enrolling in extended support is optional.
  • Don't forget to check out the features we offer in your own industry!