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Sandpaper is a sale item and has not been further divided into subcategories. The types associated with the category are simply different grits, and it doesn't make sense to show a picture with each grit (type). Instead, you can specify that you want one picture shown for all items in a type. This is a good technique to use for items that are largely similar (like Banquet tables).

Description Sale Price
20 grit 12"x18" (sale item)$10.00
36 grit 12"x18" (sale item)$10.00
60 Grit 12"x18" (sale item)$10.00
80 grit 12"x18" (sale item)$10.00

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>>Air Compressor
>>Carpet Tools
>>Ceramic Tile Tools
>>Concrete Equipment
>>Pressure washer

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