Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduling and Tracking Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining Your Own Equipment

For your own equipment, RentControl includes a scheduled maintenance feature. You identify the criteria for an asset's maintenance (number of rentals, number of days on rent, etc.) and RentControl will alert you when maintenance is due. In addition, if assets get damaged during a rental, you can immediately take the item out for repair (thus removing it from active inventory), and then track the time and cost of doing the repair.

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If you have equipment that needs maintenance at definable intervals, RentControl can monitor the use of such equipment and alert you when an interval is reached. RentControl can also monitor the status of equipment that is out for maintenance or service. A Repairs & Service menu also offers options for reviewing assets due for scheduled repair and maintenance as well as listing the assets currently out of service for preventative maintenance.

Once you have established the criteria for when an asset of a type will need PM, RentControl will alert you when maintenance is due, and you can take the item out of available inventory so it can be serviced.

If an asset is damaged while on rental, you can, as part of the return process, also take the item out of active inventory, putting it in a repair status.

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RentControl's price is based on the number of simultaneous users, and is sold as a permanent license, meaning that there is no requirement to pay a lease fee each year. Free support is included with your purchase price for the first year and includes help by phone or email as well as new versions of RentControl.

RentControl Demos


You have several options for seeing how RentControl works, including an over-the-web demo, an on-line tour, or we'll help you install a free demo that you can use for 30 days.

Free Documents


Get a free buyer's checklist that will make it easier to compare rental software on a feature-by-feature basic. We also offer some free documents with useful business information.

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Contact Us

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Barcode and RFID Use

RentControl provides extensive barcode support to make keeping track of inventory, selecting equipment for a rental or sale, and checking equipment in after a rental much quicker and less error-prone. Barcoding is supported either as labels or RFID tags.

Your Inventory on the Web

Increase business by putting your inventory on the web. RentControl has a built-in export that uploads your inventory and prices to your website with a single click, and downloads requests for quotes or orders with the same ease. Click here for more details.

Sample Websites

If you are interested in having your inventory on the web, check out our general demo or our linen demo.

Built-in Credit Card Processing

Both RentControl basic and its accounting adjunct, Plus, fully support integrated credit card processing using the X-Charge payment gateway from OpenEdge.

Purchase Order Facility

RentControl offers an optional, built-in purchase order facility. Use it to create and send purchase orders and to automatically have assets added to your inventory when received.

Instruction Videos

Getting started using RentControl? Our how-to videos show the software in action:
• Instant Rental
• From Reservation to Rental
• Return a Rental

Customer Downloads

If you're an existing customer, additional information is available from our download site.